Vision Kamado Grill Review: Budget Friendly and Feature Packed Kamado

So, are you currently looking for an affordable kamado grill that is reliable and easy to use? Well, look no more. Here, we present you one of the best kamado grills available in such a budget-friendly price range. Vision Kamado Grill is the answer for your search. This kamado grill is not just a conventional kamado grill; it has been packed with various features that make its usage greatly convenient and neat. It also has exceptional cooking performance.

Vision Kamado Grill Review

Vision Kamado Grill has been designed to solve the three major complaints that people often throw to kamado grills: difficult lighting, difficult temperature control, and messy operation. Vision Kamado Grill introduces the patented ProZone system which includes the Electric Starter Port for easy lighting. Starting a kamado grill has never been as easy! The electric starter slides directly into the ProZone port for such an effortless lighting. There are also dedicated knobs for controlling smoking and grilling. (Read also : Vision Kamado Grill vs. Big Green Egg)

Another great feature about Vision Kamado Grill is the extra-wide cooking area. It has about 604 square inches cooking area, which is certainly huge enough for cooking for crowds. You can even make use of the two-tiered cooking grates if you need to perform a two-zone cooking. The second level nearly doubles the available cooking area. The grates have handles, allowing for easy placement and detach. The top grate is hinged so that you can easily access the food on the lower level. The ash drawer is removable for easy cleaning.

- Ability to move between temperatures of 200Degree and 700Degree+ in minutes - Superior heat retention creates more eco-friendly coal consumption and reduced ash - The self contained cooking environment eliminates hot spots and flare ups - Ceramic construction eliminates exterior contact burn risk and allows for year

Well, the innovation does not stop there. Vision Kamado Grill brings forward their heavy-duty UV-protected vinyl cover. The cover is highly durable and easy to clean. The surface will not fade even if you use it right under a bright sunny day. In addition, there is a mini shock absorber to ensure that the spring-assisted lid closes gently. The overall construction is quite solid, suitable for occasional use. Vision Kamado Grill has heavy-duty ceramic exterior on the body and fire bowl. The stand is rugged, equipped with four swivel casters for mobility, two of which are locking so that the grill will not accidentally move around during cooking.

Specifications of Vision Kamado Grill
Construction: Heavy-duty ceramic exterior body and fire bowl
Color: Glossy Charcoal Grey
2-Tiered Cooking Grates: 604 sq in stainless steel dual flip grates with handles
Grill/Smoker Fuel Type: Charcoal, lump charcoal is recommended
Heat Thermometer: Integrated thermometer with temperature zones
Bottom Draft Vent: The patented ProZone™ includes Electric Starter Port for easy and quick lighting, Smoking and Grilling Knobs dedicated for precise control, Removable Ash Drawer for effortless cleaning.
Top Draft Vent: Includes cast iron smoker knob and calibrated windmill draft vent
Cooking Space: 18 7/8″ diameter bottom grate and 18 1/8″ diameter top grate
Cover: Heavy-duty UV-protected vinyl cover with easy Velcro closure
Electric Starter: Slides directly into ProZone™ starter port for effortless lighting
Cooking Stone: 100% Natural Lava Stone for cooking pizzas or indirect cooking environment for smoking and baking
Heavy duty ceramic construction
Wheels: 4 high-quality swivel casters, 2 of which are locking casters
Assembled Height: 47.0 inches
Assembled Width: 22.5 inches (52 inches with side shelves extended)
Assembled Depth: 28.8 inches
Weight: 227 lbs (103 kgs)
Assembly Required: 15 – 20 minutes (All assembly tools included)

Pros of Vision Kamado Grill
– The electric starter system makes the starting process incredibly easy, simple, and quick
– Very wide cooking area and well-designed two-tiered cooking grates
– Easy and precise temperature controls for different cooking methods
– Easy and quick to assemble
– Relatively affordable and budget-friendly compared to competitors with similar specs

Price of Vision Kamado Grill
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