Blackstone Griddle Review: High Quality Griddle for Preseasoned Cooking

In many ways, a griddle can be much more fun and reliable than a regular griller. If you find grilling to be a little bit too passive for you, then a griddle can be the perfect cooking tool for you. Nowadays, there are many griddle cooking surfaces available for at-home cooks. There are at least three reasons why griddles are loved by many. First, griddles tend to have massive cooking area. This will allow you to cook a lot more at once. Second, the flat surface spreads heat very quickly and evenly, allowing for even cooking of foods. Third, griddles allow you to make a preseasoned cooking surface for that much-loved extra kick of flavor.

Blackstone Griddle Review

Now, meet Blackstone Griddle. This is easily a griddle with a huge value for the money. Available for under three hundred bucks, it is very affordable and budget-friendly. Even so, Blackstone Griddle offers such exceptional specs and features. Getting it is pretty much a steal! Blackstone Griddle is available in 28-inch and 36-inch models, but let us just focus on the 36-inch model here since the price gap is relatively marginal.

Blackstone Griddle comes with a powder coated steel frame that is ultra rugged and ultra durable. The protective coating ensures that the metallic frame can resist wetness and moisture, ensuring long lasting usability. The frame is also equipped with four caster wheels for easy mobility. You can easily move the griddle around as needed. Once it has reached the desired spot, two of the wheels are lockable. Well, don’t forget to lock the wheels if you don’t want the griddle to accidentally glide away while you are busy preparing the ingredients.

The expansive 36” x 20” cooking surface is very wide. Seriously, with the 720 square inches total cooking area, you can easily process more foods at the same time. This way, Blackstone Griddle makes a perfect choice for cooking for friends and families. There are four stainless steel tube burners, each is capable of delivering up to 15,000 BTUs heating power, all can be independently controlled with dedicated temperature settings. By the way, have we mentioned about the cast iron cooking surface? The removable cast-iron griddle top is very easy to clean, as it is inherently non-stick. It also allows for a preseasoned cooking surface that will provide a special flavor to any food cooked on it.

- 314 square inches of primary cooking space - Insulated design means more heat uses less charcoal and less airflow means insulated heat for juicy meat - Cooking surface is cast iron - Cart is constructed of tubular steel w/rubber wheels - Features Locking Lid, 2 folding black metal shelves

Blackstone Griddle has been equipped with an electric push button igniter that requires an AA battery to function. This is another strength of Blackstone Griddle that will make the starting so quick and effortless. The cleaning process is also relatively easy, especially if compared to traditional grills. All you need is just water, a grill sponge, and a scraping tool. However, the grease drainage system is a little bit frustrating. Some excess grease can drip off from the griddle. One easy solution is that you can just put a bucket, lined with tinfoil, under wherever the excess grease drips off.

Specifications of Blackstone Griddle
720 square inches total cooking surface
4 independently controlled stainless steel tube burners with low to high temperature settings
60,000 BTUs maximum heat output; 15,000 BTUs per burner
1-AA electric push button igniter (not included)
6-gauge thick rolled steel surface for excellent heat retention
Cast-iron preseasoned griddle for a non-rust finish
2″ high sides to help keep food on the griddle
Removable griddle top
Handy Fold-and-Go design makes the griddle portable for different purposes
Four industrial strength caster wheels (two wheels are lockable)
Included large grease can and hanger
Fasteners to hang propane tank

Pros of Blackstone Griddle
– 720 sq in extra-wide cooking area allows you to cook for a crowd
– Easy starting with the electric push button igniter
– Cast-iron griddle surface that is durable and allows preseasoned cooking
– Fold-and-Go design for easy and effortless mobility
– Easy and simple assembly

Price of Blackstone Griddle
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