Stok Charcoal Grill Review: The Game Changing Traditional Charcoal Grill

With many grill models continually updated and upgraded, we are always in a search for a smarter and more versatile version that can make grilling much more fun and convenient. If you have been looking for a traditional charcoal grill, then Stok Charcoal Grill can be the perfect answer for you! Seriously, this grill stands out from the rest of the crowd because it comes with incredibly smart features. Besides, the cooking grates are also very usable and durable. So, before you go all the way to get a grill that can empty the bank, make sure that you read about Stok Charcoal Grill. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Stok Charcoal Grill Review

Stok Charcoal Grill is a traditional charcoal grill which has a dome shape, complete with a sophisticated vent system, a temperature indicator, and heavy-duty cast iron grates. As a standalone charcoal grill, Stok Charcoal Grill already sets a major difference between it and the other competitors. Other models in the price range tend to use stainless steel cooking grates. The cast iron cooking grates of Stok Charcoal Grill is able to absorb and retain heat better, which will let you sear better when cooking meat.

The design and construction are exceptional. Both the hood and the firebox are porcelain-coated for easy cleaning and long-lasting durability. The tubular tripod frame is solid and rugged, and is equipped with two wheels to allow easy mobility. The primary cooking area is 363 sq. inches, which should be wide enough to cook for multiple people at once. On the sides, you can find small hooks. These small hooks are there to function as a place where you can hang the hood safely. There is a built-in charcoal chimney, along with adjustable vents that let you to quickly and easily control and adjust the temperature. Other grills usually only have four holes on the top vent; Stok Charcoal Grill has a lot more for more precise adjustment. On the hood, there is a built-in heat thermometer for monitoring how hot it is inside. The ash canister is also removable. So, it is very easy to clean after use. The ash canister needs to be emptied every after use. This is to prevent the ash from sticking to the food the next time you use it.

- 363 sq. in cooking area offers plenty of grilling space - Built-in charcoal chimney and adjustable vents allow quick and easy temperature control - Built-in heat thermometer makes it easy to monitor the grill's internal temperature - Standard grill insert is included - Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates offer durability for heavy and frequent grilling

In addition, Stok Charcoal Grill also comes with a unique insert system. This insert system will allow you to perform two-zone cooking easily. You can add coals to the center insert and perform direct cooking in the center area, right over the coals, whereas indirect cooking can be performed around the radius. You can also change the grill grates with any Stok insert, like the smoker, pizza stone, veggie tray, and many others. The griddle, smoker box, and wok inserts don’t require additional inserts. The insert removal tool is included, which is certainly very useful. The tool will allow you to remove the hot inserts, grates, and ash canister easily and safely.

Specifications of Stok Charcoal Grill
Primary grilling surface: 363 sq. in.
Grilling surface height: 28.2 in.
Fuel source: Charcoal (not included).
Removable ash canister.
NOTE: Empty ash canister after every use.
Porcelain-coated hood.
Charcoal starting system.
Removable grate insert.
Insert removal tool.
Temperature gauge on the hood.

Pros of Stok Charcoal Grill
– Very versatile insert system, allowing for an interchangeable grate system
– Solid and robust construction
– Handy and useful insert removal tool for easy and safe operation
– Multiple holes on the top vent for more precise temperature control
– Temperature gauge for monitoring the heat level

Price of Stok Charcoal Grill
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