Weber Summit vs. Big Green Egg

In the modern world today, why do some people still cook using charcoal? Well, the reason is simple. Cooking charcoal gives a much better smoked flavor. This is why Weber has finally decided to manufacture a Weber Summit model as a hybrid gas/charcoal grill. In this article, we will see the comparisons between Weber Summit vs Big Green Egg.

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Weber Summit: Overview
Weber is a well-known company that has been founded since 1952. The company was founded in Chicago, Illinois by George Stephen Sr. The very first grill was made out of a marine buoy, and has become the inspiration for the Weber Genesis models that are still very popular nowadays (see also: Weber Summit vs Genesis II).

Of course, Weber is mainly known for producing high-quality gas grills, although they do also have some lines of smokers, charcoal grills, and portable grills. However, the Weber Summit hybrid grill was released in May 2016, and has quickly attracted lots of attention. Weber Summit can work as a charcoal grill as well as a gas grill when needed. The grill looks pretty much like a fatter sibling of the Weber kettle grills.

Weber Summit is available in two sizes, 16 inches and 22 inches. If you only cook for a small family, the smaller version is sufficient. However, for serving a lot of people, you should opt for the larger version. Weber Summit comes with many innovative features, such as the multi-zone heating options, two-position fuel grate, insulated lid, diffuser plate, and deep bowl design.

In addition, Weber Summit is equipped with the Gourmet System BBQ System cooking grate. This feature is very handy for cooking barbecuing. The bottom vent is adjustable with three position options to adjust the cooking pace. You can read the detailed specs from Weber here.

Weber Summit: The Pros
The build quality of Weber Summit vs Big Green Egg is better. It has a sophisticated design that allows the exterior surface to be 50% cooler than the internal temperature. The stainless steel construction does not break easily. It may get dented if exposed to a heavy impact, but it will still be usable instead of broken into pieces.

Weber Summit is a true high-end grill that performs impressively in searing, smoking, and even baking. If you love to grill foods, and you want to have a grill that can give the best performance and results, you should consider getting Weber Summit. The deep bowl design is optimized to allow efficient charcoal burning, so Weber Summit can produce more fire and heat with less charcoal. The vent and temperature controls are precise and accurate.

Feature-wise, Weber Summit is much better. Weber Summit offers liquid propane ignition for faster cooking. Although Weber Summit is more expensive, it already includes pretty much all accessories that you need. The bundle includes durable stainless steel cooking grates, diffuser plates, and a cart. And don’t forget that Weber Summit has side tables. The capacity is large enough for cooking a turkey.

Weber Summit: The Cons
A slight issue with Weber Summit vs Big Green Egg is that adding more fuel in the middle of cooking is difficult. But this is quite common with grills with such design. Perhaps the only disadvantage of Weber Summit is that it is quite more expensive. It can easily cost you about six hundred dollars. Still, it is worth the price, as it comes with better features and durability.

Big Green Egg: Overview
The Big Green Egg company was founded in 1974. They specialize in ceramic kamado-style grills. The brand is highly respected in the market. Big Green Egg even has become a cult-like brand among cooking enthusiasts. There are several reasons for this, such as the unique design, affordability, and excellent cooking performance.

Big Green Egg grills use burning wood chips instead of gas, hence adding a naturally rich smoked flavor to the food. The construction is ceramic. It makes a natural convection environment to cook the food quickly and evenly. Interestingly, Big Green Egg is very versatile, as it can grill, bake, roast, smoke, and even slow cook.

Big Green Egg is available in seven sizes, so you can choose the most suitable size for your purpose. Each Big Green Egg grill has a lifetime warranty, but keep in mind that the warranty does not cover any damage that is caused by the user. The warranty does cover all kinds of defects in material and craftsmanship.

Big Green Egg: The Pros
First of all, Big Green Egg is more affordable. The price is quite considerably lower than that of Weber Summit. So, if you have a limited budget, Big Green Egg may make a more attractive choice. Even so, you still have to prepare some money for essential accessories, such as the “Nest” deck and diffuser plates.

Big Green Egg has excellent and consistent performance. The ceramic construction allows for very even cooking. The insulation is great. The exterior does not become very hot regardless of the internal temperature. The controls are also precise and accurate.

Big Green Egg: The Cons
The accessories are sold separately. Also, the ceramic construction is prone to breaking. The ceramic may get chipped or cracked if abused. It may break into pieces if dropped. So, you should take a real good care of the grill if you want it to last.

Finally, unlike Weber Summit which has the option for liquid propane ignition, Big Green Egg is exclusively a charcoal grill. The ignition process is a little more difficult, especially for a beginner.

Weber Summit vs. Big Green Egg

- 580-square-inch 48,800-BTU gas grill with stainless-steel cooking grates and Flavorizer bars
- Side burner, Sear Station burner, smoker burner, and rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner
- Measures 30 inches long by 66 inches wide by 57 inches high; 5-year limited warranty
- Wooden Egg Mate size Large fits large Green Egg.
- adds functional and attractive side tables to the Big Green Egg
- Shelves can fold down for storage (allows vinyl cover to be used). Set of two shelves

Overall, Weber Summit is better. It has better features and build quality. The grill comes with side tables, diffuser plates, and a rack, which are all very useful. The stainless steel construction is more durable, less prone to breaking. And there is the liquid propane ignition for faster and easier cooking.

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