Weber Spirit E-310 vs. E-320

Gas grills are easy-to-use and efficient, allowing you to cook in a matter of minutes. They are able to make much more than just burgers and hotdogs; the best gas grills offer the versatility and performance that you need for cooking in your backyard. There are some gas grills fueled by liquid propane, while some others are fueled by natural gas. If your home doesn’t use natural gas, then you are certainly considering to get a liquid propane gas grill. Weber Spirit E-310 and Weber Spirit E-320 are among the most popular choices on the market right now. They seem to be similar to a degree, yet Weber Spirit E-320 is priced slightly higher than Weber Spirit E-310. So, what are the differences between Weber Spirit E-310 and Weber Spirit E-320? Which is the one that you should get?


Weber Spirit E-310
Weber Spirit E-310 is a liquid propane gas grill that features three stainless steel burners, with a total of 424-square inch of cooking area and 105-square inch of warming rack. Weber Spirit E-310 is loved by many because of its excellent cooking performance. The burners are able to deliver 32,000 BTU per hour. It is also very easy to use, thanks to the Electronic Crossover ignition system which can turn-on the grill with just a push of a button. Furthermore, Weber Spirit E-310 is a cookware that is rugged and durable, ready for years if usage. The body is porcelain-enameled, also with cast-iron cooking grates and porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars for maximum durability and easy cleaning. Weber Spirit E-310 requires a 20-pound LP tank to function, and features a fuel gauge that is very useful for telling you the remaining amount of fuel left in the tank. (Read also: Weber Spirit E-310 vs. Genesis E-310)

Weber Spirit E-320
Weber Spirit E-320, in many ways, is very similar to Weber Spirit E-310. It comes with identical specifications and features. There are three stainless steel burners, with a total of 424-square inch of cooking area and 112-square inch of warming rack. Indeed, Weber Spirit E-320 is a little bit bulkier than Weber Spirit E-310. However, this is due to Weber Spirit E-320 coming with a side burner, a feature that Weber Spirit E-310 lacks. The side burner has 12,000 BTU per hour input, which can be very handy for a multitude of cooking purposes. In addition, Weber Spirit E-320 also features a center mounted thermometer for informing you the heat level as you cook. Weber Spirit E-320 also features the Electronic Crossover ignition system, porcelain-enameled parts, and an enclosed cart.

- Three stainless steel burners put out 32,000 BTU-per-hour
- 424 -square inch of cooking area and 105 -square inch for warming
- Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates and porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars
- Electronic Crossover ignition system starts with the push of a button
- Assembled dimensions with the lid open 63-inch by 52-inch by 32-inch
- The Weber Spirit E-320 propane grill has 3 stainless steel burners, an Electronic Crossover ignition system, and porcelain-enameled steel cooking grates
- It has a total cooking are of 536 square-inches (424-square-inch primary, 112-square-inch warming rack)
- Comes with an enclosed cart, a porcelain enameled shroud, and a center mounted thermometer
- This model also includes a porcelain enameled flavorizer bars, porcelain enameled heat deflectors, and six tool hooks
- Includes 2 heavy-duty front locking casters and 2 heavy-duty back swivel casters; 38,000 BTU per hour input and 12,000 BTU per hour input flush mounted side burner

Weber Spirit E-310 vs. E-320
All in all, we advise you to choose Weber Spirit E-320 instead of Weber Spirit E-310. The side burner featured only in Weber Spirit E-320 is always a great thing to be had.

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