Weber Genesis E-310 Review : High-Performance Three-Burner System

Well, not many people think that getting an expensive gas grill is an idea that makes sense. Weber Genesis E-310 is one gas grill model that may arise such kind of thought. Of course, there are many other products available at much cheaper price points. However, there is a general rule of thumb in the market: You get what you pay for. While the cheaper alternatives are friendlier to your pocket, Weber Genesis E-310 comes with its own strengths and advantages that make it an irreplaceable gas grill. Below, we are going to see what Weber Genesis E-310 offers, and whether you should get this luxurious gas grill or not.


One thing, Weber Genesis E-310 is heavy. As the box weighs nearly 200 pounds, this is obviously not a very portable gas grill. Hence, Weber Genesis E-310 is more suitable for indoor and static usage; you put it at a specific single location in your kitchen. The reason behind the weight is the heavy-duty construction. Weber Genesis E-310 features an ultra-rugged thick stainless steel construction with welded square tube stocks framing the panels. Every part of this gas grill feels of quality. Even the lid and the knobs have that pleasant solid feel as they turn. The assembly process can be a little bit time-consuming, taking about one to two hours to finish, but is not difficult at all. The instructions are very easy to follow.

Weber Genesis E-310 is popular due to the superior performance and ease-of-use. The featured crossover electronic ignition system powered by an AA battery works flawlessly and conveniently. It turns on very easily without any problem. Weber Genesis E-310 has three stainless steel burners, with 637 square inches total cooking area consisting of 507 square inches primary cooking area and 130 square inches warming rack area. The heating power is 38,000 BTU per hour.

For this regard, you may get concerned, as 38,000 BTU per hour on a 507 square inches cooking surface doesn’t seem like much. However, numbers are not everything. Keep in mind that higher BTU value does not always translate into better performance; the extra heat will be useless if the heat distribution is not even on the cooking surface. Thanks to the sophisticated design and high-quality materials, Weber Genesis E-310 performs a truly great job in cooking. Weber Genesis E-310 is able to get to above 500-degree heat within 10 to 15 minutes, and you can push to 600-degree heat and keep the gas grill steady and stable. Furthermore, heat distribution is the bold strength of Weber Genesis E-310. It promotes a truly even heat distribution across the cooking surface. There isn’t any cold spot, and you are allowed to control the heat distribution conveniently right from the front control panel. Weber models have always been loved because of such superior performance, and Weber Genesis E-310 is not an exception.

Additional Features
Though it lacks any dedicated searing burner or side burner, Weber Genesis E-310 still offers some useful additional features. Most notably, it already has a built-in thermometer that allows for precise control over your cooking. There is also an LP gas gauge to inform you about the remaining fuel left in the tank. Also, Weber Genesis E-310 comes with porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars which function to collect food drops to sear them to add more flavor to the food, while the unvaporized parts can be easily discarded.

All in all, Weber Genesis E-310 is an ultra-rugged gas grill with top-notch cooking performance. It can last to the next decade, and the even heat distribution really benefits any cooking. It makes an excellent choice for family or moderate social gathering.

Specifications of Weber Genesis E-310
BTU-per-hour input: 38,000
Stainless steel burners: 3
Individual electronic ignition system
Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer® bars
Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
Total cooking area: 637 square inches
Warming rack area: 130 square inches
Primary cooking area: 507 square inches
Stainless steel work surfaces: 2
Porcelain-enameled shroud
Center-mounted thermometer
Front-mounted control panel
Stainless steel construction
Heavy-duty back swivel casters: 2
Heavy-duty front locking swivel casters: 2
Stainless steel heat deflectors
Tool hooks: 6
Fuel gauge (LP models only)
Liquid propane (with 20-lb LP tank sold separately)
Natural gas (with 10-ft hose included)
Height: 64.5 inches
Width: 60 inches
Depth: 30 inches
Height: 47.5 inches
Width: 60 inches
Depth: 30 inches

Pros of Weber Genesis E-310
– Ultra-rugged high-quality parts and stainless steel construction
– Even heat distribution across the cooking surface
– Excellent performance of the Flavorizer bars in collecting and searing food drops
– Comes with built-in thermometer and LP gas fuel gauge
– Very easy to clean and maintain

Price of Weber Genesis E-310
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