Traeger Grill vs. Pit Boss Grill

Whether you are searching for the best quality product, it is common to find that maybe you are searching every place to get the best product which can deliver a good result and brings easiness when used. In terms of buying a good grill, you need to overlook a product and brand which not only give a tasty food but also consider your health. There are two grills that have these characteristics. One is Traeger, and the other is Pit Boss Grill. Both grills have abandoned the charcoal and change it into hardwood pellet. This hardwood pellet is far more natural than the charcoal and as you must notice that most of the time charcoal is what brings the disease like cancer. Even though Traeger and Pit Boss Grill are using the natural approach, but it doesn’t decrease the quality of food that both made. So if you want to learn more about both items, let’s see the comparison below.

Traeger Grill vs Pit Boss Grill

Traeger is a hardwood pellet grill which gives a traditional look with the addition of some modern technology. This addition of technologies is meant to give the customers the easiness when using this grill. You can’t deny that nowadays many companies are applying more technologies into their products. You will get the equipment like Digital Elite Controller along with the LED display which solely for controlling the temperature. The energy it uses is the electricity as this power is far more efficient and easier than other energy like gas. Lastly, Traeger has a pretty big area, about 646 (Read also: Traeger Grill vs Green Mountain)

This is also customized with its ability to smoke up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which make you able to do many grills at once. On the other side, Pit Boss Grill has a very similar approach like Traeger. It comes with the usage of 100% natural hardwood. Other than that it also has the digital control and LED which will help you control the heat that you want. However unlike Traeger, different features are added, it is the automatic start and cooldown, this feature will automatically start your grill and cool it down after used. Other minimal features are for the luxury purpose, start from the combination side shelf, serving tray, solid bottom shelf, and the last is the bottle opener.

The performance of grill depends on its ability to serve a well-cooked meat with the right temperature. So other luxury features which bring comfort are second after this aspect. In this aspect, Traeger is definitely fantastic as it can cook meat until the texture is very moist and tender. The cooking process is very straightforward and easy; even the beginner can do it. On the other side, Pit Boss Grill is also delivering very well in the meat grilling process, but with many digital abilities, you will feel the cooking process is very easy. With the digital temperature controller, you can control the temperature as you like. Not only that, Pit Boss Grill is cutting out the smoke escape area which makes the heat inside doesn’t go outside. It also has tube or tray which can be filled with wood pellets to provide cold smoke and extra smoke flavor. In term of size, Pit Boss has more choices than Traeger Grill; the biggest one is the Pit Boss 820.

- 300 sq. in. (20" x 15") Grilling Area
- LED Digital, Multi-Position Thermostat Control
- Easily Holds Up To: 12 Burgers | 4 Chickens, 18 Hot Dogs | 3 Rib Racks
- Flame broiler for open flame searing
- 820 sq. in cooking surface with porcelain coated, cast-iron main grid
- Dial-in temperature control with led read out

Pit Boss Grill and Traeger Grill are giving a very similar design approach, both also come with the same ideas in their grills. However, Pit Boss Grill is slightly better than the Traeger Grill because of its features which are more extravagance and bring more comfort when cooking than what Traeger has.

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