Traeger Grill vs. Pit Boss Grill

If you want to make a good steak, you probably need to buy a high quality and modern grill. Why do we need a grill with modern technology? It is because, without an advanced technology attached to your grill, you will suffer a hard work putting your grill before eating your meal. So there are two that have these options. One is Traeger Grill, and the other is Green Mountain.

Traeger Grill vs Green Mountain

Traeger Grill is electric grill which has many optional features, and the most important thing is that Traeger Grill is not using the charcoal. Instead, it uses the pellets made from hardwoods and natural charcoal. This is why Traeger is considered by many people as a way to consume a tasty steak while avoiding cancer. On the other hand, Green Mountain Grill is one of the most popular models made by Green Mountain. This product includes some interesting features like the standard meat probe that reports the internal temperature and other exciting features. So if you want to know more about these two products, let’s see the comparison below.

The Green Mountain Grill has so many features start from the standard meat probe feature which reports the internal temperature like what we already know. It is then supported by the controller read-out which read out the sound of its internal situation, and then you will find a low pellet alarm, a work surface on both sides, and also a tool hook. Some high-technology machine also equipped with this grill like the touch pad digital controller which allows setting the cooking type you want. Lastly, the temperature can reach up to 500 Fahrenheit. (Have a look: Traeger Grill vs Green Egg)

On the other hand, Traeger offers a 100% use of pure hardwood pellets with real wood and real flavor. The other features are the digital elite controller and LED display which is having similar use like what Green Mountain Grill has. The mechanism is run by electricity, and it can smoke up to 450 Fahrenheit, 50 Fahrenheit lesser than Green Mountain.

Traeger has pretty solid performance which is why the food that comes out is usually really tasty. Not only that the food is delicious, but it is also healthier than the general grilled-food. The advanced technology that it has to make us easier to control it. This is why the cooking process is pretty simple and straightforward. Put the plug, open the lid start the smoke, and then wait for five minutes of warm up, then just put the temperature that you need. Pretty simple and also neat in its performance is why Traeger is a great contender in the market.

On the other side, Green Mountain Grill is pretty easy to be used and also the grilling has pretty decent performance. You will easily get a delightful burger within 10-15 minutes or a smoke beef with 9-hour smoke-athon. And you also need to note that Green Mountain also using the Hardwood pellets which is very natural and the same like Traeger. The downside is that Green Mountain is very heavy, it is due to the weight of the slidable grease trays, the firebox, and the stainless steel grill grates.

- 300 sq. in. (20" x 15") Grilling Area
- LED Digital, Multi-Position Thermostat Control
- Easily Holds Up To: 12 Burgers | 4 Chickens, 18 Hot Dogs | 3 Rib Racks
- Comes with a digital WiFi controller
- It also has Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor which constantly monitors the ambient temperature
- stainless steel grate, and 13.5” clearance inside. It weighs 155 pounds

Both products can be said to be truly a first class grill. Both the Traeger and Green Mountain is on par regarding features, the overall performances itself is also pretty close, but Green Mountain is slightly better because Green Mountain has more functions and also a big brand like Green Mountain is a sure assurance for a high-quality product.

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