Traeger Grill vs. Green Egg

It has become everyone demands that the products in the market are having a good quality along with high endurance. In reality, many of the products are very easily broken, and on top of that, the quality is biased and not like what they claim. For a cheap product maybe that’s not a big concern, but when you want to buy a grill which costs a big amount of budget, then you should compare many of them before buying. The two grills which are quite attractive are the Traeger Grill and the Green Egg Grill. This grill is very different than other common grills. Traeger Grill is not using the propane and charcoal. Instead, it uses the pellets made from natural hardwoods and natural lump. On the other hand, Green Egg Grill is very attractive in its outer appearance which is similar to the egg with green color. It takes the Japanese Kamado-style in a big egg-shaped ceramic box. So if you want to learn about these exciting products, let’s see the comparison below.

Traeger Grill vs Green Egg

Traeger is using healthy food approach as it is using the hardwood pellet instead of charcoal. The appearance itself is rather old and traditional, but this won’t prevent it from using the most advanced technology like the Digital Elite Controller or the LED display which maintain the precise temperature for your food. After that, Traeger is also equipped with the electronic auto-start ignition and the meat thermometer; these features will make the mechanism of grilling run smoother and get the proper control. The mechanism itself is using the electricity which enables you to smoke up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The area it gives is pretty huge; it is about 646 On the other side, Green Egg Grill looks very appealing in its appearance, but the system seems to lack compared to Traeger. It is somehow painful to use this analog grilling in this modern era. It gives very minimal features like the temperature control via adjustable airflow or the heating properties. Other than that Green Egg is probably very much like the traditional grill.

With the lack of interesting features, Green Egg can only set the temperature around 150 until 250 degree which is pretty small compared to other massive grills. To cover the hard work to prepare the meal we expect Big Green Egg to deliver a nice quality grilling which is usually found in the traditional grill. But instead of a better result than the Traeger, we get a bad texture meat, not very bad but somehow cannot compete with what Traeger’s meat gives. On the other hand, not only that Traeger brings the healthier food, but it also provides you with a really moist and well-cooked meat. The meat it produces is surprisingly more tender than what Green Egg gives. The usage of hardwood pellet is more or less affecting the overall taste which is beneficial to you. The cooking process is pretty simple too, it is because of various features that ease your job, just read the manual it gives, and you can probably cook like a chef.

- 300 sq. in. (20" x 15") Grilling Area
- LED Digital, Multi-Position Thermostat Control
- Easily Holds Up To: 12 Burgers | 4 Chickens, 18 Hot Dogs | 3 Rib Racks
- MiniMax can cook: 12-pound turkey, 4 burgers, 2 steaks and 1 rack of rib
- MiniMax Egg nest included
- Offering all the qualities of a larger "Egg," MiniMax is simple to transport

Traeger is superior compared to Green Egg Grill, not only that Green Egg lacks functional features, but it also requires more effort just to cook your food. So why need to choose a harder grill if you can get an easier and simpler one like Traeger.

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