Traeger Grill Review: Simple and Moderate Grill

In this era, the usage of propane and charcoal briquets in your grill are somewhat primitive; it is because, with today’s technology, you can overcome all the unhealthy problems. Maybe you are thinking that your meat won’t taste like the usual grilled meat if not using the charcoal or propane. That’s why with Traeger Grill you won’t need to worry about that anymore. Traeger is using the alternative which is the pellets made from hardwoods and natural lump charcoal. These two approaches are epitomized by Traeger, in other words, Traeger is a wood pellet grill. Therefore, you can still get your usual taste grilled meat with a healthier approach. So if you are interested in Traeger, let’s learn more about it below.

Traeger Grill Review

The fist thing that you need to know is that Traeger is fueled by 100% pure hardwood pellets, real wood with a real flavor. The appearance itself is pretty much similar to the traditional grill, but you can’t say that Traeger is a regular grill, because Traeger is equipped with some modern technologies. You can use the Digital Elite Controller with the LED display to maintain the precise temperature. After that, it also has electronic auto-start ignition and the meat thermometer. The mechanism is running using the electricity which will enable you to dial whatever temperature that you want from “smoke” to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Traeger gives you a pretty big grilling area too; you get about 646 sq. in. grilling area, this big area will maximize your output which is decent if used for a large scale eating. Last but not least is the cleaning process, Traeger is somehow easy to clean because of its porcelain-made grill grates and also not using the usual charcoal makes it easier to clean this item. (Read also: Traeger Lil Tex Elite Review)

Traeger is bringing you a healthier method to cook your meat, whereas the usage of hardwood pellet is still producing the same overall taste. You can try to compare the grilled meat from others to this product and still find that Traeger’s grilled meat is more beneficial to you. The cooking process itself is pretty simple and straightforward; you can start from plug the grill in, open the lid, start the smoke, then you wait for five minutes to warm it up, then just dial whatever temperature that you like. The controller is pretty straightforward and suitable for who doesn’t like advanced technology too much. The grilled meat that Traeger produce is pretty remarkable when you compare it to the other; you can feel that the overall taste can but put on par with the high standard machine. The meat is really moist and well cooked, it is quite surprising that Traeger also gives a very tender result. But you must note that it is probably better to follow the Traeger cookbook before experimenting with your food because a random method means a waste of your meat.

- 300 sq. In. Grilling area - Digital Elite controller with LED display - Fueled by 100% pure hardwood pellets - Real wood, real flavor electronic auto-start ignition - Ez-fold legs

In overall, Traeger is a pretty solid grill with the healthy approach. Despite the traditional approach that it takes, but the overall quality is covering it nicely. You definitely need this product if you want to get a simple grill with a fascinating result.

Specifications of Traeger Grill
Overall Dimensions: 56 X 51 X 24 (W X H X D)
Digital controller: Standard
Low temperature 150°
High temperature 450°
Front casters Standard
Peaked lid for stand-up chicken/large fowl/rib racks: Yes
“Turbo” mode circuit board for very cold weather Yes
Venturi-style firebox for cyclone combustion Yes
Positive pressure hopper fan to prevent burn-back Yes
Form-fitted grill cover Available
Dome thermometer Optional
Low-pellet alarm in hopper Yes
Sense-Mate™ auto-switch to “turbo” mode Standard
Thermal insulating blanket for cold-weather BBQ Available
Stainless steel grate Standard
Open cooking area: 458”
Total enclosed area under lid: 27 X 20 (540”)
Inside height: 13.5”
Igniter (hot rod) diameter: .625”
Weight: 152

Pros of Traeger Grill
– Very easy to start and use, thanks to the electric and digital operation
– Wide cooking area
– Uses hardwood pellets to give that tasty smoked flavor
– Shut down cycle makes cleaning easy
– Wheels for easy portability

Price of Traeger Grill
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