Stok Quattro 4 Burner Gas Grill Review: Affordable Large Grill with Inserts

It is summer time! It is the time for some cold beer, hot flame, and the smell of a barbecue being fired up. However, before you go all the way for the sunny day, you need to equip yourself with a nice and reliable grill, especially if you plan to invite friends and relatives over to your place. If you are planning to cook for multiple people, you need a large grill. However, should you really spend so much on a grill?

Stok Quattro 4 Burner Gas Grill Review

There are expensive large grills out there, but if you want to find the words ‘big’, ‘affordable’, and ‘reliable’ all in the same box, then Stok Quattro 4 Burner Gas Grill is what you are looking for. It’s got a great cooking area that it can effortlessly serve a crowd. It is also nicely feature-packed, with the Stok inserts being the primary attraction. It is an exceptional value for the money!

Design and Construction
Stok Quattro Gas Grill is quite large and heavy, as it measures by 52.48 inches wide with its side shelves opened and 46.38 inches tall. Fortunately, though, the grill is equipped with heavy-duty locking casters that make the portability easier. The heavy body mass, however, makes this grill very solid and durable. The metallic frame ensures that the grill will last. Stok Quattro Gas Grill is designed to work with a 20 lbs LP tank.

One thing to note, if you do buy this grill, when they offer you to assemble the grill for you, don’t hesitate – accept the offer! The thing is, Stok Quattro Gas Grill can take one or two hours to be assembled manually. There are lots of screws and parts. It is possible to do the assembly yourself, but getting the grill assembled by an experienced staff is much more convenient.

Stok Quattro Gas Grill comes with side shelves that are very handy for cooking outside. Under the burner and the control panel, you can also find an onboard storage. The storage can be useful for putting inserts and the gas tank. However, strangely enough, the back is open. This is apparently for safety reasons in case that the gas tank leaks, but, on the downside, the storage will not keep the inside dry and clean if the day goes rainy or windy.

- Insert System allows you to cook Full meals in many different waysComes with Insert removal Tool, 2 Removable Grill Inserts, and a Pizza Stone - Lockable Caster Wheels, custom cover is available - 10-Year Limited Burner Warranty, 2-Year Limited Grill Warrant

The grill also features an electric ignitor system for easy starting. The primary cooking area is 450 square inches. The total cooking area is 600 square inches. With such wide area, you can easily cook many hamburgers and bacon at once. Making it a very good choice for parties and gatherings. With 48,000 BTU heat output, it has sufficient power for different cooking tasks, from smoking to grilling to searing.

The main attraction of Stok grills is always the compatible Stok inserts. Most Stok grills, including Stok Quattro Gas Grill, have been designed to be able to work with various available Stok inserts. These inserts turn your grill into a highly versatile multifunction machine. Some examples of the inserts are smoker/infuser, kabob and rib rack, pizza stone, vegetable tray, chicken roaster, wok, and griddle.

Specifications of Stok Quattro 4 Burner Gas Grill
• Width: 52.48 inches
• Height: 46.38 inches
• 48,000 BTU
• 600 square inches Total Grilling Surface
• 450 square inches Primary Grilling Surface
• Holds one 20 lbs Liquid Propane (LP) Tank
• Electric Ignitor: light gas burners with a push of a button
• Removable Porcelain-Coated Cast-Iron Grate
• Available grill inserts
• Onboard storage, including: side shelves, internal cabinet spice racks, and STOK Grill Insert System Storage
• Unique Heat Tent Design: Minimize Flare-ups, Promote Even Grilling Temperatures
• Heavy-Duty Locking Casters

Pros of Stok Quattro 4 Burner Gas Grill
– Available at a relatively affordable price point
– Wide cooking area, allowing you to cook for a crowd easily
– Porcelain-coated cast-iron grate, compatible with various inserts
– Good cooking performance

Price of Stok Quattro 4 Burner Gas Grill
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