Stok Gas Grill Review: Extremely Compact and Portable Gass Grill

So, you love camping and picnic trips, don’t you? When going on a camping or picnic trip, wouldn’t it be great if you can also bring along a nice grill so that you will be able to cook some bacon there? Everybody loves bacon. However, you can’t just take a random grill and throw the thing into your car – you need something compact, lightweight, and portable, especially when packing for space is a consideration.

Stok Gas Grill Review

So, is there really a grill that is compact yet can be powerful and reliable enough for cooking? Stok, a well-known brand of high-quality grills, has tried to answer the question with Stok Gas Grill Tourist. The model is very simple and straightforward, without any fuss or complicated settings. The whole system only measures 24 inches wide and 16 inches tall, making it very space-friendly. Stok Gas Grill Tourist works by using a disposable 1-lb Liquid Propane (LP) gas cylinder. These portable gas tanks are very easy to be brought along, and you can stock several cylinders if you are planning for a long trip. Attaching the cylinder to the grill is easy, simple, and straightforward.

The housing and the frame are rugged and durable. It can certainly resist the road impacts that usually happen on the way. The three-foot stand keeps the grill stable and solid when put. The lid is colored in orange, and there is the Stok logo embossed at the center-front part. The handlebar is literally heat-resistant, allowing you to hold and open the lid safely and conveniently. The construction is also resistant to corrosion, meaning that the grill can last for a long time despite getting exposed to the moisture of the outside. On the front, you can see a control knob that is used to control the grill.

Opening the lid, you can find a porcelain coated cast-iron grill grate that is highly durable and easy to clean. It can certainly hold any food placed on it, and it is so robust. The coating makes the cleaning process after usage as easy as a breeze.

- Capacity (volume) 104.000 - Frame Material Steel - Protective Qualities Corrosion Resistant, Heat-resistant Handle - Prop 65 warning

Stok Gas Grill Tourist comes with a total cooking area of 104 square inches. For a compact system, this cooking area is actually decent, if not great. There is certainly enough space for cooking for you and a couple of friends. In addition, Stok Gas Grill Tourist can also work with various inserts for cooking specific foods. The pizza stone insert is included. There are others, such as the smoker/infuser, vegetable tray, kabob and rib rack, griddle, wok, and even a cast-iron kettle insert for boiling water. As the effect, Stok Gas Grill Tourist can be very flexible and versatile for a variety of cooking jobs.

Stok Gas Grill Tourist is able to deliver 5,000 BTU per hour heating power through its stainless steel burner. Indeed, it is not the most intense burner on the market, but it is certainly powerful enough for cooking meat as well as vegetable. However, it may not be powerful enough for heavier jobs such as searing.

Specifications of Stok Gas Grill
5,000 BTU
104 square inches total cooking surface
Uses one disposable 1 lb. Liquid Propane gas cylinder (sold separately)
Width: 24 inches
Height: 16 inches
Porcelain coated cast-iron grill grate
Stainless steel burner
Includes STŌK Pizza Stone Insert
Convenient carrying bag

Pros of Stok Gas Grill
– Very compact, lightweight, and portable design that is ideal for trips
– Decent cooking area
– Easy and simple to use
– Includes the pizza insert and a carrying bag
– Available at an affordable price point

Price of Stok Gas Grill
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