Dyna Glo Grill Review : Affordable Price, Decent Performance

Having a truly reliable grill in your kitchen is one important thing to accomplish. With a grill ready to serve you, you will be able to make more varieties of dishes – most notably, a piece of premium meat steak. You will be able to cook your most favored steak right from the comfort of your kitchen at home.


There are, of course, various choices available over the market. You certainly would love to have a high-end model, but sometimes, your available budget just won’t allow so. If this is the circumstance, you will absolutely be delighted to see Dyna Glo Grill! Available at a very affordable and budget-friendly price point, Dyna Glo Grill boasts very attractive specifications and features already. Coming with four primary burners and 60,000 BTUs total heating power, Dyna Glo Grill can easily match against more expensive models in the competition. Furthermore, Dyna Glo Grill also features an ultra-rugged cast-iron construction that ensures its longevity.

Design-wise, despite the affordability, Dyna Glo Grill looks luxurious. It is colored in a burnished bronze hue, with a cabinet style two-door cart and an enameled double-walled lid. As a four-burner grill, it is reasonably bulky and heavy, but it has been equipped with four wheels underneath that promotes easy mobility and placement. All the control knobs and function buttons are accessible from the front panel for a simplistic operation. The assembly process is somewhat complex, but can be done well as long as you are following the instructions. However, you need to really make sure here that all the components are installed and connected properly.

Dyna Glo Grill has been armed with four stainless steel straight tube burners. Each of them has 12,000 BTUs power. In addition, you can also find a side burner on the left side of the grill, which also possesses 12,000 BTUs power. The side burner is very handy for warming or even cooking other materials simultaneously. So, the total heat-generating power is 60,000 BTUs. This is simply awesome. Dyna Glo Grill has 667 square inches total cooking area. That should be large enough to cook virtually anything. You can easily cook for a large group of people within a short time.

Dyna Glo Grill is coming with two pieces of heavy-gauge 7mm enameled cast-iron cooking grates and an enameled steel warming rack. They are very rugged and durable. The enameled steel heat tents under the lid also have excellent performance in keeping the heat concentrated. These parts prevent too much heat from escaping, ensuring optimum heating performance on the food. In addition, there is also an integrated temperature gauge which functions to provide accurate temperature measurement. This way, you will always be able to set and adjust the heat level accordingly; say goodbye to uneven and black scorched meat!

Dyna Glo Grill is available in two variants. One works with natural gas, while the other works with liquid propane gas. It has been armed with an electronic push-button ignition system, which provides the total ease of usage. You just need to push a single button to start the grill, and you can control the temperature easily using the control knob. All in all, with its superior heating power and abundant cooking area, Dyna Glo Grill absolutely makes a great bang for the bucks!

Specifications of Dyna Glo Grill
Model Number: DGA480BSP
Color: Burnished Bronze
Dimensions: 23.03 x 46.46 x 52.76 inches
Shipping Weight: 116 pounds
Material Type: Cast Iron
4 stainless steel straight tube burners (12,000 BTUs each)
1 side burner (12,000 BTUs)
60,000 TOTAL BTUs of heat-generating cooking power
Electronic ignition and infinite setting control valves
667 square inches of total cooking space
2 pcs heavy-gauge 7 mm enameled cast-iron cooking grates
Enameled steel warming rack
Enameled steel heat tents under a double-wall lid
Cabinet style two-door cart with 4 heavy-duty casters
Integrated temperature gauge
Electronic push-button ignition

Pros of Dyna Glo Grill
– Very affordable and budget-friendly
– Four burners and a side burner, a lot of cooking area
– Ultra-solid cast-iron construction for maximum ruggedness
– Simple and easy usage, thanks to the electronic push-button ignition

Price of Dyna Glo Grill
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