Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs. X Cursion

So, you are now confused in choosing between Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs X Cursion, aren’t you? Many people have been confused by these two grills as well. Their initial prices were similar, but, today, you have a big chance of finding Coleman Roadtrip LXE at a slightly lower price than Coleman Roadtrip X Cursion. They seem to have similar specifications. So, what are actually the differences between these two portable grill models? Which one does offer the best performance and value for the money? We will compare the two grills against each other below. So, continue reading!

Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs X Cursion

Color Options
Well, many people consider that this is a trivial factor to consider, but these two grills do come with different color options. In fact, you can say that the color options are one of the factors that cause the price difference. How so?

Coleman Roadtrip LXE is nice and fancy – just like Coleman RoadTrip LXE vs LXX. It offers a wide range of color options. There are red, blue, green, black, purple, maroon, orange, and silver. You can choose the color that suits your personal taste the most. (Read also: Coleman RoadTrip LXE vs. LXX)

On the other hand, Coleman Roadtrip X Cursion is only available in two color options, which are blue and the green National Parks limited edition. Apparently, Coleman Roadtrip X Cursion is now priced at a higher price because of the green limited edition. The National Parks limited edition was released in celebration of the National Park Service centennial in 2016. It is now the official grill of the National Park Foundation. The blue edition is slightly cheaper than the green limited edition.

When comparing Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs X Cursion, there are several notable differences in terms of design. Although both models are portable foldable grills, you may find the LXE model a little bit more practical and convenient than the X Cursion.

When folded, Coleman Roadtrip LXE transforms into a very neat form. The pair of wheels sits close to the body, whereas the other leg becomes a nice, large handle bar. Such design enables you to transport and store the grill easily. When fully unfolded, the two wheels and handle bar create a durable stand. No, the actual handle bar doesn’t really touch the ground, so you don’t need to worry about the hygiene. There is also a pair of sliding tables, which are handy for putting down food ingredients and equipment, especially when cooking outdoor.

Coleman Roadtrip LXE

Just like the LXE, Coleman Roadtrip X Cursion is foldable and portable. It also folds into a very neat form. However, there is a nice re-design here. While the LXE puts the handle bar on one of the legs, the X Cursion puts the handle bar on the side table. This is certainly more pleasant and perhaps more hygienic. After all, even though the LXE’s handle bar doesn’t really touch the ground, you may want the handle bar to be put further away from the ground.

However, Coleman Roadtrip X Cursion is not without a minor flaw. The handle bar on the side table creates a hole that can be annoying at times. There is a small chance that you accidentally knock something off of the table through the hole when you are operating the grill or preparing the meal. It would be nice if the hole has a thicker border, but, then again, that would reduce the available area. You have noticed that this model only has one side table, haven’t you?

Both Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs X Cursion grills are compatible with Coleman’s Swaptop interchangeable cooktops. There are griddle, full size griddle, and stove grates sold separately. If you want to make your grill as versatile as possible, you definitely should equip it with these cooktops. They will be very handy and useful for cooking various foods and meals.

These two models are both propane-powered. They are designed to work with 16.4-oz LP (liquid propane) cylinders. Both Coleman Roadtrip and Coleman Roadtrip X Cursion come with the InstaStart Technology for easy matchless lighting. It is very quick and convenient, you just need to push on a button to start the fire. In addition, it is essentially a spark ignition system, which does not require any battery.

The difference between these two models would be the grease management system. Coleman Roadtrip LXE features an open-flame drip-through grilling system with a removable grease tray. It is simple, but it works nice. Cleaning the grease tray, however, may require some efforts.

Coleman Roadtrip X Cursion

On the other hand, Coleman Roadtrip X Cursion is equipped with the DripTrap water pan grease catch tray, which features the NullaFlare technology. It is able to reduce flare-ups, and it is also quite easier to clean.

How do Coleman Roadtrip LXE vs X Cursion compare in terms of cooking performance? These two models have the same cooking area, which is 285 square inches, and also the same cooking power, which is 20,000 BTUs. In general, you will find that the size is ideal for cooking for about three or four people. Each of the two models is armed with two independently adjustable stainless steel burners to allow precise control over two temperature zones.

Both the LXE and the X Cursion are able to perform consistently in various conditions, even when the day is windy or very cold. But you may find that the X Cursion’s heat distribution is somewhat better across the cooking area. This is because of the Even-Temp technology, which allows the heat to radiate equally across the surface.

Each of the two models is protected by a three-year limited warranty. However, keep in mind that the warranty only covers manufacturing defects. It will not cover damage from usage abuse, and unfortunately it will not cover rust. Some users have said that these grills aren’t very resistant to rust, so make sure that you maintain them properly.

- Instastart ignition for push-button, matchless lighting
- Easy-to-clean, cast-iron and porcelain-coated surfaces with removable grease tray
- Collapsible stand with wheels folds for compact storage and easy transport
- Made of the highest quality materials
- Camping cooking grills
- Another quality Coleman Signature product

Choosing between these two models can be difficult because they each offer different advantages. In the end, Coleman Roadtrip X Cursion is the slightly better choice. Although it only has one side table, it comes with a better design and improved technologies. The DripTrap tray is very nice, and the Even-Temp technology allows better, more even heat distribution.

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