Char Griller Akorn Review: Triple-Walled Insulation for Heat Performance

Why a kamado grill? A kamado grill will allow you to smoke, grill, and sear foods effectively in a relatively easier manner. It will give you that smoked flavor that you’ve been looking for. Kamado grills are now made with various features that make the operation very easy, neat, and convenient. There are now many models available over the market, featuring different sizes and construction materials. However, if you are looking for the best bang for your available budget, you should put your sight on Char Griller Akorn.


Char Griller Akorn is an affordable kamado grill that is well constructed and well featured. It comes with the typical shape a kamado grill, but has a three-footed stand with wheels and a locking caster. The wheels are indeed important, allowing you to move the grill easily, considering the large and heavy body. Despite the affordable nature, Char Griller Akorn has a metallic construction made of 22-gauge steel that is super rugged and durable. The cooking surface is cast iron and easy to clean, and there is a pair of folding work tables for easy outdoor cooking. The tables have hooks, too, so that you can hang your cooking tools there. Char Griller Akorn is available in three different finishes: black, brown, and red.

The cooking surface is 314 square inches in total. There is also a 133-square-inch removable warming rack included, so you can have a total 447 square inches of cooking space. Such area should be enough for serving multiple people. Char Griller Akorn is capable of providing heat levels from 200-degree up to 700-degree Fahrenheit, meaning that it is very powerful and versatile. You can use temperatures under 300 F for smoking, and settings beyond 450 F can already sear your steaks. With the triple wall steel insulation system, it effectively retains heat; which means, it can cook all the foods inside very evenly. One possible drawback is that it is very difficult to lower its temperature when cooking. Of course, kamado grills are designed for a more conservative cooking approach; you start at a lower temperature and carefully increase the level only when needed. Another thing to note is that you should make sure to use fresh charcoal. Some people found difficulties in order to get past 350 F, but this issue was because of the extremely old charcoal that they used and not the design of the grill.

- 314 square inches of primary cooking space - Insulated design means more heat uses less charcoal and less airflow means insulated heat for juicy meat - Cooking surface is cast iron - Cart is constructed of tubular steel w/rubber wheels - Features Locking Lid, 2 folding black metal shelves

The top and bottom dampers are both adjustable for easy heat control. The top damper should be closed if you are going for smoking or roasting, and opened if you are searing. The user guide provides a very handy instruction about how to set the dampers if this is your first time using a kamado grill. Char Griller Akorn also features an Easy Dump Ash Pan, which functions to collect the accumulated ash and food drippings so that you can quickly and easily clean it up after use.

Specifications of Char Griller Akorn
Weight: 100 lbs.
Height : 47.4 (inches)
Length : 45.2 (inches)
Width : 31.3 (inches)
Holds temperatures from 200°- 700° F
Cast Iron Cooking Grates
Stainless Heat Gauge
Triple wall steel with Insulation retains Heat
Removable Warming Rack
Adjustable Dampers
Easy Dump Ash Pan
Includes Legs & Folding Side Shelves
Large 8″ Wheels with Locking Caster

Pros of Char Griller Akorn
– Easy and quick to assemble
– Very solid and rugged construction
– The triple-walled insulation is very effective for retaining heat, allowing for the best cooking performance
– Easy Dump Ash Pan for easy cleaning after use
– Available at an affordable and budget-friendly price point

Price of Char Griller Akorn
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